Spacebank now for maximum benefit
Spacebank Now
Spacebanking is a term used when you deposit your timeshare week(s) into the RCI accommodation pool in exchange for trading points. You can then use your points to secure a different holiday resort within the RCI Exchange pool*.

Your RCI trading points are valid for a minimum of 36 months (from the date of your Spacebank). The expiry dates are on a quarterly basis ending: 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October. Example: If you Spacebank your timeshare between 1 May '18 – 31 July '18 your points will expire on 31 July '21. Spacebank early and enjoy the following benefits:

Extra trading points – If you Spacebank your holiday ownership 6 months or more prior to the check-in date you receive 10% additional trading points.

35 Bonus Holiday daysBonus Holidays allow you to holiday without using your trading points if, for example, you are saving your points for an international holiday or if you would like to extend your Exchange holiday. Bonus Holidays, on average, are less than one would pay for the same resorts on the open market. You will need to Spacebank your timeshare in order to qualify for RCI Bonus Holidays.* Refer to Extra Holidays for more information.

Your Holiday Requests
– should there be no availability at your desired resort, use your trading points to request a holiday. In doing so, you add your name to the Waitlist. The earlier you do so, the higher the possibility of a suitable holiday matching against your request.

    Points you’ll receive when banking:

    180+ days before check-in date: 110% trading points
    60 - 179 days before check-in date: 100% trading points
    39 - 59 days before check-in date: 80% trading points
    29 - 38 days before check-in date: 60% trading points
    19 - 28 days before check-in date: 25% trading points
    09 - 18 days before check-in date: 10% trading points
    00 - 08 days before check-in date: 0% trading points

    RCI is always trying to serve you better and have waived the rule of non-acceptance of late local Spacebanks. This means that you can now Spacebank up to the day of check-in in order to still qualify for 35 days Bonus Holidays.

    RCI also allows you to accumulate your trading points from this year and carry them over to use next year. In this way, you get more trading power and, therefore, more flexibility and choice.

    How to Spacebank your timeshare:

    Conventional/Traditional timeshare owners

    Depending on your ownership type, you can also Spacebank online.

    Fixed/Floating timeshare owners

    • Login
    • Go to Manage my Membership > Spacebank
    • Select the ownership you would like to Spacebank
    • You will receive immediate confirmation of your successful Spacebank. (Should your resort implement a levy verification, your week will go into a Pending Verification status and will only be Spacebanked once your Managing Agent has verified your levy payment.)

    Flexi timeshare owners

    • Contact your resort and ask them to Spacebank your ownership with RCI
    • RCI will receive a week and unit number, in writing, from your resort. This will be added to your file.
    • Your week will then be Spacebanked.

    *Subject to availability (based on a like-for-like holiday exchange principle) and ownership.