How RCI works

By purchasing timeshare, you purchase a holiday at a particular resort with an assigned time/week(s), each year. Your ownership also allows you the opportunity to be part of RCI and enjoy more flexibility and variety. By Spacebanking your holiday ownership you will receive trading points that you can use to exchange for different resort(s). This allows you to enjoy more holidays, to travel to different destinations (locally and internationally) and at a different time of the year.

There are two types of holiday ownership:

Conventional ownership

This is when you purchase a unit in a timeshare resort for a specific week. This week is either fixed or floating. A fixed week means the unit is yours to use during the same week each year. A floating week means that you own a specific unit in a specific resort but you’ve bought an event or holiday that may not necessarily fall within the same date range each year e.g. Easter weekend or The Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun City.

Club ownership

This is when you have purchased holiday points from a holiday club. This provides you with ‘currency’ to buy holidays from a pool of timeshare accommodation. Many reputable clubs are affiliated to RCI, allowing them to enhance their holiday offering by offering international and a wider selection of local destinations to their members.

Combined with an RCI membership, either of these holiday ownership types will give you access to thousands of resorts in over 100 countries, allowing you more choice and flexibility without feeling the full impact of the exchange rate.

Holiday ownership gives you the opportunity to fix your future holiday accommodation at today’s prices.

As an RCI member, you have a choice between two membership types:

Premier membership

As an RCI Premier member your banking or credit card details will be stored securely on your membership file and your membership will be automatically renewed each year until you tell us otherwise. RCI uses the latest security technology to ensure your information is safe and secure.

Standard membership

As an RCI Standard member your annual RCI membership is not automatically renewed. You will need to manually renew your RCI membership on an annual basis to ensure your RCI membership remains active.

Before purchasing timeshare, (points or conventional), ensure the company/developer you buy from is a member of VOASA (Vacation Ownership Association of South Africa).

* Subject to availability based on a like-for-like holiday exchange principle.