holiday protector
Protect your Holiday
Protect your holiday now
Holiday Protector is a proudly RCI in-house product, developed with YOUR needs in mind.

As an RCI member you now have an option to add peace of mind to your local AND international Exchange and Bonus holidays!

Peace of mind is important and when it comes to your holiday we don’t want you to miss out!

The RCI Holiday protector offers you a free replacement holiday should you need to cancel your holiday due to sudden or serious illness, injury or death.

Tell me more…
  • Local Exchange & Bonus holidays can be protected
  • International Exchange & Bonus holidays can be protected
  • Guest Certificate holidays are protected
  • EVERY holiday can be protected*
  • Already confirmed holidays can be protected
  • All pets are excluded from the protection
*Does not cover local or international Rental holidays and is limited to a maximum of 3 Holiday Protector’s per member per check-in.

Ask your RCI guide for more information (+ – option 9 | or simply protect your holiday right here on

Get your RCI Holiday Protector… because your holiday is worth protecting!