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  • Access to thousands of resorts located across almost 100 countries (Exchange and Extra Holidays resorts)
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    • Real time holiday availability
    • Get up-to-date resort information
    • Guaranteed 10% discount* on all holiday bookings made on

                    *If applicable to your membership

  • A Call Center available weekdays 8am – 5pm and 8am – 12pm on Saturdays
  • Spacebanking
  • Unlimited Extra Holidays Rentals**
**Read more about Extra Holidays under Discover RCI® How to become an RCI® member:

To be eligible to become an RCI® member you need to own timeshare at an RCI® affiliated resort or have points from an affiliated points club.

Complete the details to the right-hand-side and an RCI® guide will be in contact with you shortly. You will be required to provide the following documents in order to complete the RCI® membership contract:
  • A completed RCI® membership application form
  • Copy of your ID document as well as your share certificate(s)

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The 2019 Enrollment fees for traditional RCI® members are displayed below

Membership fees

Premier membership fees

Standard membership fees

Convenient payment by debit order

Manual payment

Membership - current yr

R 1 200

R 1 437

Membership - current yr + 1 yr

R 1 860

R 2 234

Membership - current yr + 2 yr

R 2 520

R 3 025

Membership - current yr + 3 yr

R 3 181

R 3 819

Membership - current yr + 4 yr

R 3 844

R 4 612

Membership - current yr + 5 yr

R 4 504

R 5 403


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