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  • A Call Center available weekdays 8am – 5pm (Mon - Fri)  and 8am – 12pm (Sat)
  • Spacebanking
  • Unlimited Extra Holidays Rentals**
**Read more about Extra Holidays under Discover RCI How to become an RCI member:

To be eligible to become an RCI member you need to own timeshare at an RCI affiliated resort or have points from an affiliated points club.

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The 2024 Enrollment fees for traditional RCI members are displayed below.

Premier members enjoy the benefit and convenience of having their enrolment and membership fees paid by debit order.

Membership fees

Enrolment fees

Membership - current yr

R 1 406

Membership - current yr + 1 yr

R 2 180

Membership - current yr + 2 yr

R 2 954

Membership - current yr + 3 yr

R 3 729

Membership - current yr + 4 yr

R 4 507

Membership - current yr + 5 yr

R 5 280

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