Glossary of RCI terminology
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  • Affiliated

    This term describes RCI®’s relationship with various resorts. If a resort is affiliated to RCI®, then as an RCI® member, you can book holidays at these resorts.
  • Blue season

    Holiday time that is less in demand by RCI® members than ’peak season’, ‘white season’ or ‘red season’ (see Seasonal designation below).
  • Comment Card

    This card is sent to an RCI® member via e-mail after an Exchange holiday, to obtain feedback about their holiday experience. The member may complete the comment card online. A resort's comment card score plays an important role in determining the grade of the resort, which affects the RCI® trading points allocated to units/weeks at that resort as well as making it easier for you, as an RCI® member, to decide into which resorts to book.
  • Confirmed Exchange

    This describes the holiday dates and unit that a member confirms through RCI® either using their trading points and paying a cash exchange fee or by paying an Extra Holidays Bonus or Rental cash booking fee. These bookings are subject to the RCI® terms and conditions.
  • Deposit

    Also known as a Spacebank. This is when a member banks their ownership week into the RCI® Exchange pool in return for trading points, hereby giving up their right to occupy the unit at their home resort. There is no fee or payment needed to Spacebank a week with RCI®.
  • Exchange confirmation

    Also referred to as a Confirmation Letter. This is a written notice from RCI® informing an RCI® member that their Exchange holiday has been confirmed. All the details pertaining to their holiday booking will be on the Confirmation Letter.
  • Exchange holidays

    RCI®'s core business is Exchange holidays, whereby a member uses his trading points, received from a Spacebanking, to exchange into an RCI® affiliated resort. An Exchange fee is payable on confirmation of the Exchange holiday.
  • Exchange request

    RCI® members are able to request accommodation for a specific resort or area, check-in date and unit size should there not yet be availability. The request will reserve trading points, which will be used in the event of a suitable holiday matching to the request.
  • Extra Holidays – Bonus

    35 Bonus holiday days are offered to members when their timeshare week(s) is Spacebanked. No points are used for these holidays - the member pays a cash Bonus fee which, on average, is lower than the same accommodation offered on the open market.
  • Extra Holidays – Rentals

    Rentals are available to all RCI® members and do not require a Spacebank to qualify. These are available at any of RCI®’s rental portfolio of resorts worldwide. Rental rates can be up to 50% lower than the same accommodation offered to the open market.
  • Fixed time

    Timeshare intervals sold using a system whereby the owner purchases the use of the same unit number, for the same week every year.
  • Flexi-time

    Timeshare intervals sold using a system whereby the owner purchases the use of a unit with a specific occupancy, in a specific season, for each year of their ownership. Flexi-time owners must request that a week is assigned to them from their home resort before using the RCI® Exchange system.
  • Floating time

    Timeshare intervals sold using a system whereby the owner purchases a specific unit for occupancy at a time that coincides with a specific event each year (e.g. Easter).
  • Guest Certificate, RCI®

    This is an RCI® member benefit that enables members to give an exchange confirmation to friends or family, at a minimal fee. (Members may not rent out an RCI® Exchange for commercial purposes and if found doing so, RCI® may cancel the respective membership without warning ).
  • Instant time

    RCI® offers holidays, with close-dated check-in dates, with an increased Exchange fee and discounted points. This offers members the opportunity to book into resorts with a higher points-value than they usually are allowed.
  • Levies

    These are fees or assessments determined by the resort, which are used for maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc. Levies must be paid by the member directly to their resort or club, prior to occupation or Spacebanking the timeshare week with RCI®.
  • Peak season

    Peak season corresponds with periods of highest demand. Peak weeks are designated annually for each region and are usually determined by school holidays.
  • RCI Gold Crown

    A select number of RCI affiliated resorts are recognized as RCI Gold Crown Resort® properties. These resorts provide outstanding resort accommodations, hospitality and member experiences. Each resort receiving the RCI Gold Crown Resort award has met quality and service requirements based on both RCI Subscribing Member Comment Card ratings and an evaluation of resort facilities, amenities and services. Recipients of this award for superior quality and exceptional service have met standards in five RCI Subscribing Member Comment Card categories and each resort facilities category in the evaluation.
  • RCI Hospitality

    Resorts that deliver outstanding customer service and hospitality to exchange guests receive the RCI Hospitality award. Resorts achieving this designation have received high scores in the Check-in/Check-out and Hospitality categories. Resorts receiving the RCI Gold Crown Resort award or RCI Silver Crown Resort award are not eligible for this award.
  • RCI Silver Crown

    Resorts that provide outstanding vacation experiences for RCI® exchange guests receive the RCI® Silver Crown Resort® award. Each resort receiving this distinguished designation has met quality and service standards. Selection is based on ratings from RCI® Subscribing Member Comment Cards submitted by members after their vacations. Resorts receiving the RCI® Silver Crown Resort award have demonstrated a consistent, impressive record of satisfying RCI® guests and have met the standards in each of the five categories of evaluation.
  • RCI® membership fee

    The annual membership fee, which covers RCI® privileges and benefits.
  • RCI® trading points

    Trading points are points received for a Spacebanked week. The number of trading points received is determined by the season, unit configuration, resort grading and how early the member Spacebanks their ownership with RCI®.
  • Red season

    This is a holiday season that is most highly demanded by RCI® members outside of Peak season (see Seasonal designations).
  • Resort information sheets

    This is information sent to the member upon confirmation of a holiday. These include important details such as directions to the resort, resort amenities, unit amenities and area attractions.
  • Seasonal designations

    These are the periods into which holiday seasons are divided, based on demand and the Gauteng school holidays. Peak season: highest demand season, usually during school holidays; Red season: period of high demand; White season: period of medium demand; Blue season: period of low demand.
  • Start date/check-in date

    The day/date a holiday ownership/holiday week begins.
  • Timeshare Exchange

    RCI®'s core business is Exchange holidays, whereby a member uses his trading points, received from a Spacebanking, to exchange into an RCI® affiliated resort. An Exchange fee is payable on confirmation of the Exchange holiday. Also see "Exchange holidays"

    Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa
  • White season

    Holiday season which is less in demand by RCI members than Red season and more in demand than Blue season (see Seasonal designations).