RCI mobile site and app

Introducing m.RCI.co.za. Your fully functional mobile site and App.


RCI’s mobile site, m.RCI.co.za and mobile App (RCI – South Africa) are fully transactional.

You can:

  • Login and access your RCI account details

  • Search for and book your local and international holidays

  • Deposit your timeshare

  • Renew your membership

  • Complete your outstanding comment cards

  • Get directions to the resorts straight from your phone

m.RCI.co.za will take your RCI membership to a new level - it's convenient and safe. Your next holiday has never been easier or more convenient. Access m.RCI.co.za from the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere. 


How to get started

  1. Download the FREE App (RCI – South Africa) from the Google PlayTM store (available for AndroidTM users only)

    OR visit m.RCI.co.za on your phone browser

  2. Login using your membership number and password (will be the same password used on RCI.co.za)

  3. Search and book your holidays

*If applicable to your membership.


Need help? Online support’s here to help


Call: +

Email: onlinehelp@rci.com  


Important points to remember

  • m.RCI.co.za has been optimized for use on a mobile devise

  • m.RCI.co.za has been optimized to be viewed through the default browser on your mobile devise

  • When viewing m.RCI.co.za through your PC browser, we suggest to “Restore down” and then resize your browser window to mimic that of a mobile phone size – this will enhance your experience on m.RCI.co.za through your PC browser



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