resort requests
PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing difficulties with loading resort requests. We are working on resolving the issue. Please contact our Call Center for assistance with your resort requests.

You can view and edit your current and pending requests. Deleting a pending request will remove the request from the waitlist all together.

Tips to help you get the most out of your resort request... 
  • List your request in order of preference – start with your most desired option.
  • Add your request as soon as possible – requests can be made as early as one year in advance for local holidays. And should your needs change, update your request as soon as possible to ensure you’re searching for the most suitable holiday.
  • Select “Expand to region” ONLY if you would like to holiday at ANY resort within the selected region. When this option is selected, we will search for available holidays throughout the region allowing for more holiday options matching your request. If you would like to holiday at a specific resort, then this option must not be selected.
  • Each request added will be for ONE holiday only. You can search for up to 12 different holiday options within this request, however only one holiday can be confirmed against a request. If you want two or more consecutive or concurrent units you must load a request for each holiday.
  • If a holiday matches and it’s unsuitable, reject the match as soon as possible – the search will start again as soon as the match is released.
Should a requested holiday become available, we will notify you via email / SMS. Simply login and view the details of your match online.


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