RCI®'s Corporate Social Investment
RCI® supports Christel House, which is an organisation which aims to break the cycle of poverty for children around in the Cape Town area.

About Christel House

Christel De Haan, who is RCI®'s founder, started the first Christel House in 1998, in Mexico.

In January 2002, Christel House opened in Cape Town and addresses the educational and healthcare needs of orphaned, abandoned and impoverished children in townships within a 10km radius of the learning centre, (Langa, Hanover Park ,Pooke-se-Bos, etc.).

Support is provided to children whose families fall below the poverty line and who live in neighborhoods where poverty, violence, HIV/AIDS, unemployment, substance abuse and gangsterism are the norm.

The Cape Town-based learning center aims to help these children break the cycle of poverty and rise up to the challenge and become contributing members of society.

The services provided to these learners are holistic and include:
  • Two meals and snacks per day
  • Access to an on-site nursing practitioner
  • Counseling and group therapy
  • Academic classes from 8:00-17:00 every day and extra classes on Saturdays
  • Drug awareness programmes
  • Uniforms
  • HIV/ AIDS awareness and education
  • After school sports and recreation
  • Skills development workshops for the parent community

RCI®'s involvement
CHSA is RCI®'s official charity and, has been involved in fundraising for this charity for many years.

Every year, RCI® arranges and funds the Christel House Golf Day – 100% of the funds raised through this event are donated to CHSA.

RCI® also arranges Fun Days each year, where RCI® staff team up to raise money in creative and original ways. This initiative leads to sizeable donations for CHSA.

In 2009, RCI® entered their first team into the 94.7 annual cycle race in Johannesburg. The team was sponsored by various parties and all sponsorship money was donated to CHSA.

RCI® also hosts a year-end event for CHSA, in which each staff member buys and wraps a gift for the Christel House children. Needless to say, the children are always thrilled.

Additionally, RCI® gives all the funds gained from recycled paper to CHSA.

As a valued member/friend of RCI®, we ask that you help us in our mission to raise funds for Christel House. Every contribution is welcome and appreciated.

For more information on this worthy cause, please go to www.sa.christelhouse.org or call 0027 21 704 9400.
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